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Flag Rank Officers

27th November 2018 14:45:25 Hours

War Affected Ranaviru Families Visit to Trincomalee

Educational Tour is one of the most attractive events in the annual calendar of RFCSS (Ranaviru Families Counselling and Support Service), organized exclusively for the benefit of War Affected Ranaviru Families. Accordingly, in the year 2018,

A two day programme was  organized by RFCSS to visit Trincomalee District, which was well Coordinated with Sri Lanka Navy by Rear Admiral Saman Molligoda (Retd) in concurrence With Major General (Dr) Dudley Perera (Retd), Chairman, RFCSS who coordinated activities Pertaining to SL Army. Total of 250 participants from Different areas Kandy, Galle, Matara, Colombo and Kurunegala participated in the programme from 20th 22nd Nov 2018.

Transport and accommodation etc had been provided by Army, Navy and Air Force including visits, educative programmes and entertainment programmes. Maj Gen (Dr) Dudley Perera, Rear Admiral Sarath Rathnakeerthi (President, ARFRO),Brig K A Gnanaweera (Treasurer, ARFRO), Air Vice Marshal Kingsley Samaratunge (Ex Co Member (ARFRO), along with their spouses, joined the tour. On the first day, 20th Nov, all commenced Their journey from Colombo except one bus that started from Anuradhapura which also joined The main column at Kurunegala for breakfast.

They reached Trincomalee for lunch which was well arranged at Naval Harbour Restaurant, aer Which all proceeded on a Site Seeing Tour of the Trincomalee Harbour in naval boats, organised

By the Navy, which would have been undoubtedly an exciting experience for the Ranaviru Family Members. This event was followed by a visit to the Navy Museum.

All families, ladies and their children, seemed to have been enjoying the museum visit and they were able to see different types of weapons used by the Armed Forces against enemy and also the sea crafts and locally made submarines which were supposed to have been used by LTTE. Thereafter, the group participated at a food processing workshop, comprehensively organized and conducted by the Navy. This event was well preferred especially by the ladies of the families.

Group returned to Naval Harbour Restaurant for dinner which was arranged with calypso music by Navy. All returned to Security Force Headquarters (Trincomalee) for the night stay.

On21st, second day, after breakfast at SF HQ, group drove to Marble Beach sea bath, which was followed by lunch organized by Air Force at Marble Beach Restaurant. In the afternoon, they Visited hot water springs in Kanniya and Koneswaram Kovil before returning back for dinner at SF HQ. They thoroughly enjoyed the dinner that was served under light music provided by Army Band. The dinner then, turned to be a sing alone event and all enjoyed singing and dancing till late night.

This Annual Educational Tour was well preferred and enjoyed by all the participants of Ranaviru Families and the treatments they received, way they were looked after, comforts arranged hospitality displayed etc had been commended by all  participants. ARFRO and RFCSS take this

Opportunity to pay their utmost gratitude to Commanders of the Army, Navy & Air Force for Their invaluable support and assistance extended, without which, this event wouldn’t have been a reality.

Maj Gen (Dr) Dudley Perera, being Chairman of RFCSS was instrumental in organizing such an Important event.