Association of Retired
Flag Rank Officers

21st March 2024 12:07:11 Hours

Guest Lecture by Rear Admiral Y N Jayaratna (Retd.) RWP* RSP.

ARFRO conducted the first guest lecture for the year 2024 on 29th February. The lecture on ‘MARITIME JURISDICTION OF SRI LANKA’ was conducted by Rear Admiral Y N Jayaratna (Retd.) RWP* RSP.

As expected, the lecture was well attended by approximately 125 members, serving officers and officers under training. Being a very exciting topic that is quite out of the ordinary land based discussions we are used to, the lecture incited remarkable interest. This was evident by the varying questions that were raised during the question and answer time.

However we are convinced that more should have attended this lecture and gained updated knowledge regarding a subject that is not easily available in any other forum.