Association of Retired
Flag Rank Officers

15th September 2020 12:05:33 Hours

Guest Lecture by Admiral (Prof) Jayanath Colombage

Admiral (Prof) Jayanath Colombage, member of ARFRO, delivered a lecture on the topic “Ocean Wealth & Ocean Health: Nil Sayura Surakimu” on 11 Jul 2019 at the SLCMP Regimental Officers Mess Polhengoda, Narahenpita. This had been one of the series of lectures organized by ARFRO to enhance the knowledge and awareness of its members which is generally conducted once in a quarter. It was a fruitful, educative and informative lecture which was well attended by the members of ARFRO and serving officers of Tri - Forces along with officers of Kotalawela Defence University and Defence Services Command and Staff College.