Association of Retired
Flag Rank Officers

04th June 2024 14:32:22 Hours

ARFRO Members Get-together on 6th April 2024 RHQ SLEME

ARFRO conducted the first get-together of it’s members and spouses, this year, on 6th April 2024. Being the turn of the ex- Sri Lanka Army members to organise the event, it was held at the Officer’s Mess of the Regimental Headquarters of Sri Lanka Electrical Mechanical Engineers.

A total of 95 was recorded as the number who attended the well organised function. The Secretary Defence, CDS, the Army Commander and the Air Force Commander too graced the occasion.

It was pleasant to note that three members from one of our sponsoring groups, also took part in the evening’s function.

The Organising Committee had done well to incorporate many activities including a game of TOMBOLA, to make the event appreciated by the vast gathering. The ‘Army Dance Troupe’ was in attendance and gave off an array of displays to keep the crowd entertained.

Food was provided through the Army Catering Battalion. They had done well to provide a very simple menu but with a lot of flavour and spice to satisfy the palates of all present.

Icing on the cake was laid by several sponsors who made available many gifts and takeaways. It enabled the Organisers to give out many prizes, to the delight of a large number present.