Association of Retired
Flag Rank Officers

15th September 2020 12:10:50 Hours

7th General Deshamanya Denis Perera Oration

General Deshamanya Denis Perera Oration has been an annual event which has been held at Sir John KotelawalaDefence University every year. In honour of the late General Officer, this event is conducted on the 11 Aug every year, on the day General Denis Perera passed away, with the participation of ARFRO Members and few distinguished invitees that includes the family members of the late General. The orator for the GDDPO - 2019 was Air Marshal Sumangala Dias RWP RSP and three Bars VSV USP MSc (Def&Strat Stu) ndcpsc,Commander of the Sri Lanka Air Force, who delivered a fruitful lecture on the topic of “ The Role of the Defence Establishment in Facing New Threat Dimensions whilst Ensuring National Harmony” and his lecture was well appreciated and commended by the audience.