Association of Retired
Flag Rank Officers


1.         PREAMBLE

This association hereinafter called ARFRO, is a voluntary, non political, gathering of officers who held one star rank or above in the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka.

2.         OBJECTIVES

(a)        To promote and participate in the study of professional subjects and matters of national interest concerning Defence and Stability and to make such studies available to the Government.

(b)        To promote and participate in the activities and objectives of the Worldwide Consultative Association of Retired Generals and Admirals (WCARGA) which includes Air Marshals.

(c)        To promote and participate in the activities of the Organization of Professional Associations (OPA) of Sri Lanka.

(d)       To foster espirit de corps amongst the membership.

(e)        To promote and participate in the activities and objectives of the "Ranaviru Families Counseling and Support Services" (RFCSS).

3.         MEMBERSHIP

(a)        All retired Officers of the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka who held the rank of Brigadier, Commodore, Air Commodore or above at the time of retirement are eligible to be members of ARFRO. Only those who have the approval of the Executive Committee of ARFRO will be accepted as members.

(b)        Honorary membership may be granted to distinguished non-nationals, with a military background of Flag Rank, accepted by the Executive Committee. Eg. High Commissioners and Ambassadors.

(c)        Associate Membership may be granted to serving Flag Rank Officers ( Brigadier / Commodore / Air Commodore and above ) of the armed forces on the recommendation of the respective service commander and acceptance by the executive committee of the ARFRO. Associate Members shall have all the rights and privileges of ordinary members except the right to vote or to hold office in the Association. All constitutional provisions and rules of the Association including the payment of membership fees shall be applicable to Associate Members as for ordinary members. On retirement from service an Associate Member may opt to become an ordinary member with all the rights and privileges without the payment of any further enrolment fee.


(a)        The Enrolment Fee shall be Rs. 1,000/=

(b)        The Annual Membership fee shall be Rs. 100/= initially. From the Associations second year onwards, the quantum to be paid will be determined at the Annual General Meeting.

(c)        A member qualified in all other respects may become a Life Member of the Association on the payment of Rs. 2,000/= which includes the Enrolment Fee.


(a)        The Office Bearers of the Association shall be :

(i)        The President

(ii)        Two Vice Presidents

(iii)        Honorary Secretary

(iv)        Honorary Treasurer

(b)        There shall be Ten Members in the Executive Committee ( EXCO ), three of whom shall be assigned by the EXCO to liaise with the Army, the Navy and the Air Force respectively. Two members will be appointed by the EXCO as Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer. The other five members will form the balance of the EXCO.

(c)        The Office Bearers and Committee Members shall be proposed by the EXCO and the names circulated to all members thirty days before the AGM. Any member desirous of proposing any other names for Office Bearers and or Committee Members should submit their proposals with an endorsement of a seconder together with the written consent of the nominees, 14 days before the AGM to the Hon Secretary.

(d)       The immediate past President of the Association shall be an ex-officio member of the EXCO.

(e)        The Founder President of the Association shall be a member of the EXCO for life.

(f)        The EXCO may co-opt any member of the Association to the EXCO to assist it in its duties and functions.

6.         MEETINGS

(a)        The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association shall be held before the 31st of May of each calendar year.

(b)        A Special General Meeting (SGM) shall be convened by the Honorary Secretary as requested by the President of the EXCO or on a written request made by not less than one third the membership having voting rights.

(c)        A General Meeting (GM) may be held when EXCO deems it necessary.

(d)       There shall be not less than ten (10) EXCO meetings in a given year.

(e)        At least fourteen clear days notice specifying the place, the day and the hour of the meeting and the nature of business/agenda shall be given to the General Membership to attend a General Meeting (GM) or a Special General Meeting (SGM).

7.         FINANCE

(a)        The financial year of ARFRO shall be the calendar year.

(b)        The Treasurer shall ;

(i)         Table the financial position of the Association at meetings of the EXCO and at General Meetings.

(ii)        Table an audited statement of accounts at the Annual General Meeting.

(c)        The accounts of the Association shall be audited by a board of three members appointed by the general body at the Annual General Meeting

(d)       The EXCO shall open through the Treasurer necessary bank accounts for the Association, one of which shall be for the RFCSS.

(e)        All receipts shall be banked to the relevant accounts.

(f)        Cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and either by the President or the Honorary Secretary.

(g)        The cash in hand shall not exceed Rs. 2,500/= at any given time.

(h)        A petty cash imprest may be maintained which shall not exceed Rs. 1000/= at any given time.

(i)         All payments shall be approved by the EXCO.

8.         AMENDMENTS

(a)        Any article stated above may be amended or rescinded by a two third vote of members present at a General Meeting or Annual General Meeting.

(b)        The General Body may make additional rules on any matter at a General Meeting, Special General Meeting or Annual General Meeting.


(a)        The President shall;

(i)        Be the Head of the Association.

(ii)        Preside at meetings of the EXCO, General Meetings, Special General Meetings and Annual General Meetings.

(iii)        Represent the Association at all official functions.

(iv)        Be responsible for the proper conduct of the affairs of the Association.

(b)        The Vice Presidents shall;

(i)        One of the Vice Presidents shall preside at meetings during the absence of the President.

(ii)        Represent the President and the Association at official functions if the President is not available.

(iii)        Assist the President in the proper conduct of the Associations affairs.

(c)        The Honorary Secretary shall;

(i)        Be responsible to summon all meetings of the Association.

(ii)        Prepare the agenda for meetings.

(iii)        Maintain proper and true records of all meetings.

(iv)        Attend to all correspondence of the Association and table all relevant documents at EXCO and other meetings as necessary.

(v)        Process all applications for membership.

(vi)        Implement decisions taken by the EXCO.

(vii)        Prepare and present the Annual Report at the Annual General Meeting.

(d)       The Treasurer shall;

(i)        Be the custodian of the finances of the Association and the "Ranaviru Families Counseling and Support Services (RFCSS)".

(ii)        Maintain necessary bank accounts of the Association and RFCSS and maintain a proper system of accounting.

(iii)        Table the financial position of the Association at all meetings.

(iv)        Table an audited statement of accounts at the Annual General Meetings.

(v)        Prepare the Associations Annual Budget.

(e)        Liaison Officers (LO s) The Association shall have one LO each to liaise with the Worldwide Association of Generals and Admirals (WCARGA), the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and with the OPA.

(i)        The LO s shall so conduct themselves to promote the objectives of the Association.

(ii)        They shall take instructions from the EXCO.

(iii)        They shall report their activities to the general body through the EXCO.

(f)        The Executive Committee (EXCO):

(i)        The EXCO is the Supreme Executive Body of the Association and will be responsible to the members for the proper functioning of the Association.

(ii)        It is answerable to the general body for its activities.

(iii)        The EXCO will provide information of itself and of its activities in the World Wide Web.

10.       QUORUM

(a)        The quorum for the AGM shall be one third the membership or fifteen (15) whichever is higher.

(b)        The quorum for a SGM shall be half the membership.

(c)        The quorum for a GM shall be one third the membership

(d)       The quorum for EXCO meeting shall be five (05). However, in the event a quorum as stated above is not met, those present may agree to carry on with the meetings.

11.       RULES

(a)        The Association may make rules amplifying any of these provisions or those dealing with procedural matters however so that they will not be in conflict with any provision of the constitution.

(b)        The rules shall be adopted at a GM or SGM by a simple majority.

(c)        Any rule may be amended or rescinded at the AGM by a two third majority of those present.

12.       AMENDMENTS

Any provision of the constitution may be amended by the general body subject to the following conditions;

(a)        At least fourteen days (14) clear notice of the proposed amendment should be given to the members.

(b)        The amendment proposed shall be adopted by at least a two third majority of the members present at the SGM or AGM.

RULES OF THE ASSOCIATION OF RETIRED FLAG RANK OFFICERS (ARFRO) (Made under section 11 of the Constitution)

1.         The Association through the EXCO, may engage in any activity designed to promote any objective of the Association provided such activity is not illegal.

2.         Any member charged before a court of law for a criminal offence will be temporarily suspended from membership as decided by the EXCO until legal clearance is granted. Those found guilty will be struck off the roll of members and will not be eligible to become members again unless his conviction is overruled by a superior court.

3.         MEMBERSHIP

Membership of the Association could be obtained, subject to the approval of the EXCO, by making a written application to the President of the Association on a prescribed form and upon the payment of the enrolment and membership fees (Life or Annual).


A member who is in arrears of payment of his annual membership fee on the day prior to AGM, shall not be eligible to contest or vote at the Annual General Meeting.


(a)        The EXCO shall conduct the affairs of the Association in accordance with the general policy laid down by the general body.

(b)        The EXCO shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. (c) The EXCO shall fill any vacancy occurring in any office. (d) The EXCO shall hold office until the election of new office bearers at the following AGM.


(a)        All retired flag rank officers who have been enrolled as members of the Association shall comprise the general body. The Honorary Secretary, shall maintain a register of such members in liaison with the Honorary Treasurer to ensure that membership fees are up-dated.

(b)        Members shall have the right to vote and hold office provided they are not in arrears of membership dues.

(c)        The general body shall;

(i)        Elect the office bearers of the Association.

(ii)        Decide the policy of the Association on any matter.

(iii)        Approve the program of work drawn up by the EXCO. ( The program may cover a quarterly period or the whole year)

(iv)        Approve the audited statement of account at the Annual General Meeting.


All office bearers who cease to hold office shall hand over their duties to the incoming office bearers without delay. A certificate confirming that a proper handing / taking over of duties has been done by such office bearers shall be furnished by the incoming Honorary Secretary to the EXCO within fourteen days of taking over duties by the incoming office bearer.