Association of Retired
Flag Rank Officers

News Features

News Features

26th Annual General Meeting - ARFRO

04th June 2024 15:36:54 Hours

ARFRO consists of officers who have held senior appointments in the Army, Navy, and Air Force,"

ARFRO Members Get-together on 6th April 2024 RHQ SLEME

04th June 2024 14:32:22 Hours

ARFRO conducted the first get-together of it’s members and spouses, this year, on 6th April 2024.

Calling on CDS, General Shavendra Silva

21st March 2024 14:07:24 Hours

The Core Committee of the ARFRO EXCO called on the Chief of Defence Staff at his office on 18th March 2024.

Guest Lecture by Rear Admiral Y N Jayaratna (Retd.) RWP* RSP.

21st March 2024 12:07:11 Hours

ARFRO conducted the first guest lecture for the year 2024 on 29th February. The lecture on ‘MARITIME JURISDICTION OF SRI LANKA’

ARFRO Get-Together Air Force Officers Mess, at Thunmulla, on 02nd December

06th December 2023 09:52:07 Hours

The third and final get-together of ARFRO members for the year 2023 was conducted at the Air Force Officers Mess, at Thunmulla...

Guest Lecture by Professor Renuka Jayatissa MBBS MSc MD FPGIM FCCP

27th November 2023 12:25:35 Hours

The third Guest Lecture for 2023 was conducted by ARFRO on 23rd November 2023. The Topic was ‘Healthy Lifestyles’. It was delivered by...


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